Growing up we had a book that had a collection of nursery rhymes in it.  I loved this book.  For one thing it was really long, at least 300 pages.  The book had tons of short rhyming tales and was also full of illustrations of fairies and elves.  Fairies and elves were a personal favorite of mine since I was convinced that I was an elven changeling.  I look at this book today and realize how disturbing these illustrations are.  There were some pages I would have to quickly leaf through when I was a kid.  This I did in fear of being influenced by some evil force.
What exactly were the rhymes supposed to be telling young kids?  Why would Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater put his wife in a pumpkin shell?  Why did Old Mother Hubbard spank her children?  I remember being afraid to sleep when it was raining in case I bumped my head and didn't wake up in the morning.  Yet I read on, scared and at the same time fascinated.
The series "Nursery Rhymes for Babies" is based on these ideas.  The series consists of fourteen book size paintings; each encased in a sculptured frame.  On the back of each is a rhyme that was written after the painting was finished.  I think babies can read these rhymes.  They won't find them disturbing, they'll just accept and enjoy them, just like I accepted and enjoyed my mother singing, "My mother has tuberculosis, My father has one rotten arm."