Life in a shell,
Is really quite swell,
Especially since, that shell is in hell.

Inside it are others,
Like sisters and brothers,
Some foes, a few friends, a father, a mother.

Outside is a place,
A large soundless space,
Where nothing is heard, not one teeny trace.

So inside they stay,
Until life will fade,
Their past is forgotten; their future is made.

Jenky O'Stenk

This should be mine! It just isn't fair,
Cried Jenky O'Stenk as he let loose a glare.

He pounded his fists; he released a howl,
The look on his face was really quite foul.

He spun in a tizzy, then stamped all his feet.
His horn turned bright blue and let off some heat.

He peed on his legs, then stepped on Phil's head.
He cried and he screamed until he was dead


Above the hills there lives a Jonquilly,
And let me tell you she sure is a dilly.

She likes to spread rumors and tell tall tales.
Her stories are likened as large as the whales.

She watches and listens and quickly computes,
The lonely, the sad, the meek are her fruits.

She has no friends, but that's really okay,
Thinking and twisting are what fills her day.

If you see her, she will quickly float by,
She'll smile and she'll tell you a great big huge lie.

The best thing I've found that there is to do,
Is blow her a kiss and say,"Hey, here's to you!"
Jonquilly will stop and look quite confused,
Her mind will cloud up, her gossip diffused


I once knew this bird who would talk all day long,
She'd talk and she'd talk,
Then she'd sing a short song.

She'd talk in the sky; she'd talk on the ground,
She'd talk and she'd talk,
Till the sun would go down.

She'd talk about me; she'd talk about you,
She'd talk and she'd talk,
Till her face was bright blue.

She'd talk about penises; she'd talk about butts,
She'd talk and she'd talk,
Till we hated her guts.

Then suddenly one day, she had nothing to say.
Her mind had unflooded, her voice dried away.

We waited and listened and perked up our ears,
But never again a peep did we hear.

I think till this day, she still is quite mute,
Instead of long talking, she's playing the flute.