I have always collected things and made things. It only seems appropriate that the two should go together. Whenever I'm walking down an empty street and see a lone toy just lying there, abandoned, waiting for a car to run over it, I feel the need to save it. I've accumulated a lot of toys that way. What happens to all of the old toys? It seems so cruel to just throw them away, besides we live in the age of plastic, they aren't going to biodegrade. With these thoughts in mind I have decided to save the old toys and transform them into works of "art" for all to behold. I always tell the toys about their future while I work with them. It seems easier to drill into a toy and dismember a doll when you can reassure it that it's new life will give it a place of prestige and beauty. I'm doing this for the toys, after all, I love them. Who honestly can say that they don't love toys?